Schrödinger’s cat is not alone…

…there’s also Rasputin’s cat.

One Response to “Schrödinger’s cat is not alone…”

  1. neilismo Says:

    Thanks, Ian. I see you’ve noticed my own effort elsewhere (yes, this is one of Neil B’s posting handles. BTW these aren’t “sock puppets”, they are the manifestations of various platform-based ids such as through Blogger, WordPress, etc.) Well, it so happens that there really is a weird possible consequence of those silly multiple world: “quantum immortality” or “quantum suicide”: Suppose flaky MWI is true. If you try to kill yourself with a Schroedinger’s cat style quantum trigger, the versions of you that survive – however tiny the chance – will be aware and able to say “oh I’m still here!” But all the other versions are “dead” and don’t count. See, isn’t that cool? Look it up, it’s no “joke” even if MWI really should be. Which reminds me, you were going to say more about my FQXi essay if no already …

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