I want MY money back

I’ve just gotten a little fed up with the people in charge, from the administrators at my college to the people on Wall Street.  And I’m equally pissed at the people who think all these protestors are whining liberals.  So:

Dear 53%, 1%, 100%, Santa Claus, Wall Street, etc.

I work multiple jobs to make ends meet. I give way more to the government than I get. I don’t like giving money to the government. On the other hand, the top 1% paid $318 billion in taxes in 2009 but indirectly got it back via the $700 billion bailout of Wall Street. So Wall Street not only got the 1%’s money (i.e. their own), but they also got MY money and YOUR money and they’re not doing anything with it other than hoarding it while the economy tanks. And THAT’S why I’m pissed. I want MY fukcin’ money back, a$$holes.


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  1. peter scully…

    […]I want MY money back « Quantum Moxie[…]…

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