FQXi Essay Contest Awards

I’m a bit late in announcing the winners of the FQXi essay contest, but here is the list.  My essay, that was based partly on a blog entry from earlier this year, took Fourth Prize.  While I congratulate the winners, the vast majority (myself included) are already FQXi members.  I was hoping to see some new, fresh faces and ideas receive recognition.  While I disagreed with parts of it, for example, I really liked Emily Adlam’s entry.  They did award special commendations to two “amateurs” which I thought was nice, but when I won Third Prize a few years ago, I was essentially a “new” face in that, while I knew a few FQXi members personally through my work with the APS, I had not collaborated with any of them and wasn’t from the typical PhD/post-doc pipeline.  I worked (still work) at a small, generally unknown liberal arts college.  That year, First Prize went to Louis Crane who works at Kansas (or maybe Kansas State?).  We need more ideas like this from outside the mainstream.


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  1. And yes, Emily is pointing to something I wondered about too 🙂 the way ’emergences’ seems to contradict entropy. Then again, is it a ‘information universe’? If it is, what good is it without consciousness? something that assemble the universe into not only a logical model, but ethical model. Or put another way, what use is life, and thoughts?

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