FQXi live blogging

I’ve got some live blogging happening over at the FQXi site from the FQXi conference. One post is up and the next will be coming out today sometime.


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  1. Hi Ian,
    My name is Kigen Ekeson and I am an American Rinzai Zen Buddhist priest now living in Vienna, Austria. I noticed your name as one of the participants of the FQXi live conference on consciousness. I have been working for many years on developing some of the more in-depth teachings of Zen into a model for consciousness. Unfortunately this led me into some very slippery topics involving both classical and quantum level physics. I have tried to educate myself in the general state of theoretical physics (think someone who can read something by Brian Greene and enjoy it) and gave it my best shot, but am in over my head and need some help. Would you have any time or interest in giving my paper a quick read and perhaps giving a bit of feedback? If you read it and don’t reply, I will understand your silence as a clear message saying that you think the whole thing is a pile of rubbish and I won’t bother you again (unfortunately, its about 10,000 words).


    1. Hi Kigen,

      Sorry I haven’t responded sooner. I’m a bit busy for the next few weeks, but I could give it a quick review in early March. My e-mail address idurham at anselm dot edu.


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