Partially moving to Twitter

It’s been six months since I posted anything. This is mostly because I lack the time to put serious work into blogging. However, I have finally decided to join the world of Twitter and so Quantum Moxie will mostly be moving over there, though I plan to post a few longer pieces here once in awhile. I’ve had bouts of success here but I think I can do more with Twitter than I can with this. Nevertheless, this site is not going away. Ideally I would love to figure out how to post to here from Twitter (rather than just have my Twitter feed embedded on the side). I’ll continue to work on that and I thank you (all two or three of you!) for your continued support!


3 Responses to “Partially moving to Twitter”

  1. When you get active on Twitter let your blog followers know so we can connect – I’ll definitely follow you.

  2. Also should say I sympathise over the lack of time to blog – I have the same problem so my blog is like an unreliable old mower – sometimes it runs but mostly it doesn’t!

  3. quantummoxie Says:

    I am officially on Twitter as @quantummoxie. Your comment about the old mower reminds me that it is almost time to get the mower out for the first time this year…

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