Pictures I took of the recent lunar eclipse (only two came out, but not bad considering I just snapped them with my digital camera). That’s Saturn down to the left. The files are pretty large just so you know.


Four recent photos of the Merriland River in Wells, Maine. Water’s still a little high (and cold) for the trout to be biting, but it’s getting there.





And a recent brook trout I caught in a nice morning of fishing in town…


Couple of small bass…



A few from my recent Montana trip:

Bend in the Gallatin River in Yellowstone Park

The clear water of the Gallatin River

Sunset near Big Sky

Gallatin River in northwest Yellowstone with signs of the 1988 fire still evident

Gallatin River cliffs

Earthquake Lake, formed in the Madison River by a rock slide caused by an earthquake

Small rainbow trout

Another small trout

This one was bigger than it looks – maybe 12″ but fought hard (see below)

While trying to land the guy above, my rod and reel slipped out of my hand and rapidly headed downriver. In retrieving it, I ended up with the following:

Major tangle in the backing

The aftermath

I also may have accidentally killed him, but didn’t feel overly guilty since a large bald eagle was watching me the whole time waiting for me to do his dirty work for him.

My new net

The streak of more than twenty trips without a fish has ended!  This one ended up on the dinner plate:



3 Responses to “Photos”

  1. this is so cool first time i seen this on your post tight lines

  2. Now this adds dimension and total reason to this site’s owner.

    Anyone who fly fishes MUST be a dimensional person of total reason.

    Love the Backlash photos.. brings back memories of learning how to fixh with my Dad’s “casting reel” and learning to avoid such things as Back Lash because of HIS reaction to this. I was 4 years old at the time. I learned to fly fish when I was 7 or 8.

    Love the brookies with the par marks.

  3. quantummoxie Says:

    LOL, that’s great. I’m trying to teach my kids a bit, but this summer has been busy. My son has expressed interest, though, so before the summer is out I plan to get him out on the water.

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