Women in Science

You can tell by the lack of posts that I haven’t been terribly inspired to write anything. It’s been a tough 12 months or so. But I don’t want to abandon the blog entirely, so, at least for now, I’ll post some interesting article links.

This one caught my eye this morning. Written by two women in science, it suggests that perhaps one reason women are underrepresented in the sciences is a result of a conscious choice on their parts. Not being a woman, I can’t really comment either way. Nevertheless, I think it is interesting. Perhaps if I still have readers out there and haven’t lost them all over the past few months, someone will actually comment.


3 thoughts on “Women in Science

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  1. I wonder why we think something not being 50/50 means that there is underrepresentation….

    I think that men are underrepresented in childbirth 🙂

  2. LMAO, OMG that’s hysterical. Yes, I suppose men are underrepresented in that department – and happily so, I might add.

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