Many-Worlds again…

Max Tegmark has a recent article on the arXiv that argues in favor of the many-worlds interpretation again. It has become a bit of a pet-peeve of mine (though I will happily correct myself as soon as someone offers me some experimental evidence to support the idea). Rather than enter into a diatribe on the subject I will simply point to a previous post on this blog in which I point out a problem in MWI. I will point out that if the notions of permutation symmetry discussed in that post could be proven experimentally, it would offer experimental evidence against MWI. So, while it seems unlikely that MWI can be proven it might be disproven.


2 Responses to “Many-Worlds again…”

  1. Jose Ignacio Says:

    Everytime anybody mentions MWI I remember page 374 of Asher Peres book:

    “Everett’s interpretation and other bizarre theories”

  2. Quantum Moxie Says:

    Hahahahaha! I love Peres’ sarcasm there. I heard a story about the little sign he used to keep on his door that basically said whether or not he was taking a nap. Seems like he had a sense of humor.

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